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AccuQuest is at the leading edge of Audiology

The Art of Audiology

Audiology is a branch of science dealing with hearing; specifically, therapy of individuals having impaired hearing. No offense to dictionaries and encyclopedias everywhere, but we find that treating hearing loss is more than just a science…it’s also an art. Every day nearly a thousand people walk into one of our 165+ offices around the country. Each is searching for something fundamental he or she has lost: the ability to hear and communicate comfortably. Each loss is unique, and its treatment is equally unique. While not every hearing loss can be helped, the good news is, we really can make a difference in most cases.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of the audiology and hearing health field because accurate hearing can profoundly impact quality of life. Our goal is to be the premier audiology and hearing health care provider in the country. That means providing not only the most technically accurate hearing evaluations, care recommendations, and hearing aid fittings, but the most satisfying patient-care experience as well.

At AccuQuest Hearing Centers, our purpose is to help each of our patients receive: complete, high quality hearing evaluation; education; consultation and hearing health care. We dispense only the hearing aid solution that best matches our patients needs, lifestyle and budget.

We’re confident you will feel the difference as you walk into one of our offices. We’ve designed the patient-care experience around how we would like our own loved-ones to be treated. This is natural for us, since every member of the core management team—including the founders—has either experienced hearing loss personally or has close family with hearing loss.

It’s exciting to be able to help our own families. It’s gratifying to be able to help yours.

Customer Care Ethic

The biggest AccuQuest Advantage is in our customer care. We hope to meet every need that comes through our doors. In order to succeed, we need a great staff, great facilities, and great hearing technology to provide great service.

Great Staff

We work hard to find top quality people to be part of our family. Our Patient Care Coordinators are friendly and courteous. Our practitioners are skilled and caring. We are vigilant about training. At least twice a year, we require every practitioner in our network to receive training from certified trainers in addition to meeting licensure-board annual requirements. We also have corporate personnel dedicated to monitoring, coaching, and training our entire staff of audiologists* and hearing aid specialists not only on issues relating to the ear and hearing loss, but testing and fitting techniques, the latest technological improvements, and methodologies for improving hearing aid performance.

Great Facilities

Our facilities are top notch. We seek to create an audiology environment that enables great care. From the cozy waiting room to our state of the art virtual room where evaluations take place to the sound booths for testing, we pay special attention to all the little details so we can build professional yet comfortable offices.

Our state of the art audiology testing equipment allows us to not only test hearing loss, but to simulate real life situations and measure hearing aid performance in critical hearing environments like restaurants, churches, outdoors, and other situations.

Great Hearing Technology

In order to provide the best audiology service in America you must have the most up to date audiology equipment and technology. We pride ourselves on providing the best technology out there. We are constantly on the hunt for what will improve the lives of our patients next. But to be frank, sometimes, the latest and greatest isn’t what is needed. Sometimes the potential of the top technology is way beyond the lifestyle needs of a patient. And if it is, we don’t recommend it. But we also recognize that recovering your hearing health is essential to full participation in life. We want to be sure that the technology in your ear is up to the job. So we work extra hard to match the technology to how it will be used. If we can’t give you new ears, we want you to have the next best thing.

Great Service

Great staff, great facilities, great technology: we have all of that, and every day we’re getting more. We started out offering our audiology services in the Chicago area and have expanded our operations to reach from coast-to-coast in just a few short years. What’s our hurry? We find that many people with hearing loss are paying too much for technology and service that could be better. We want to be there for those people. So, we’ve crafted a unique package of services. We offer:

  • 3 year full service warranty with loss and damage coverage on most hearing aids
  • 30 or 45 day trial period (depending on area)
  • Free in-office repairs, cleanings, and adjustments for life
  • Free hearing evaluations
  • And we accept most insurances

Let Us Help

Whether you have lost your hearing after long years building America in noisy construction and manufacturing environments, or by enjoying a good rock concert a little too much a little too often, or by sacrificing it while protecting our country, or some other reason—the result is the same: your opportunity to enjoy life has been diminished.

Our mission is simple: to use the best customer service and the latest technology available to improve the hearing and the lives of everyone who walks through our doors. You might think of us as the “Lost and Found” for your quality of life.

Call 1-888-264-2882 for an appointment today, and experience our service and today’s technology. Renew your lease on life!

*In the state of Ohio, we employ Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and Hearing Aid Dealers. For the purposes of fitting a hearing aid, these specialists perform the following procedures : tests of threshold, Puretone air and Bone-conduction; Tests of tolerance, most comfortable listening level (MCL) and uncomfortable listening level (UCL); Test of speech awareness and reception (SRT) and speech understanding or discrimination (WDS); Video Otoscopy is used for the purpose of inspecting the ear canal.