Brad Wuest, H.I.S.

Hearing Instrument Specialist
License # HAS-0577

As a practitioner with AccuQuest Hearing Centers, Brad Wuest, is committed to providing you with excellent patient care, sound hearing health recommendations and state-of-the art diagnostic testing and hearing aid technology.

We want to provide you with a hearing health solution that gives you the very best of service, care and technology at a price you can afford. To this end, we have crafted a unique package of services.

We offer:

  • The most advanced hearing technologies on the market
  • 3 year full service warranty with loss and damage coverage on most hearing aids
  • 30 day rehabilitation period
  • Complimentary in-office repairs, cleanings, and adjustments for life
  • Complimentary hearing test (for the purpose of hearing aid evaluation) and complimentary annual testing
  • And we accept most insurances

Please call our office today to schedule a complimentary hearing screening to see how today’s hearing aids can improve the quality of your life.