Pancini Testimonial

My name is Mark Pancini and I've had hearing aids for about a year now. I'm a teacher so I was having a hard time hearing kids, and in the middle or the back of the room I could not hear what they were saying. They would ask a question and I'd always have to ask 'what did you say? what did you say?' And I think, you know, it just got to that time where I needed to do something. I saw an ad in the paper for a free hearing test and I adjusted to them right away. I remember getting in the car, I put them on to get in the car and leave, and I think it was the first time I ever heard my blinker.

When I turned to go somewhere I was like what's that noise? And I heard the blinker and could not believe it was that loud. I came back and I told them it was like I was hearing in color for the first time ever. Where if I take my hearing aids out everything just goes pfff, it's just black and white. It's very monotone. And then I put them in and I can hear things that I never heard before. You know I was just walking and I could hear the footsteps and the creaks in the floor. I'd never heard those before. And I think with today's technology that you see the size of these things, you can't even, people I work with are like you have hearing aids? And I go I've been wearing them for a year. Yeah, so you can't even see them. That's probably about as big as they are. They're so easy to put in and take out and deal with and change batteries. There's no volume on it so you just put the battery in and put them in.