Treatment Options

If you notice that you are having hearing trouble hearing it’s important that you take action immediately. Fortunately, help is available no matter how severe your hearing loss may be. Your treatment option will depend on the cause and severity of your hearing loss as outlined below.

Your hearing loss could be due to earwax buildup. Some people let wax buildup go until it gets to the point where hearing is obstructed. In fact, most cases of conductive hearing loss in adults is caused by earwax buildup. This makes sounds seem muffled. If you suspect you have earwax buildup or a blockage, it’s best to see a hearing healthcare specialist. You should never attempt to dig out earwax buildup yourself as this can cause major damage to your ear and lead to infection or further hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

If your hearing loss is due to damage to your inner ear, a hearing device can certainly help make sounds stronger and easier for you to hear. A simple hearing examination allows your audiologist to determine whether or not you would benefit from using a hearing aid, and also help you choose a hearing device that is best suited for your unique hearing needs.

Cochlear Implants

If you have severe hearing loss, a cochlear implant may be an option for you. Unlike a hearing aid which amplifies sound and directs it into your ear canal, a cochlear implant compensates for any damaged parts of your inner ear. If you require cochlear implant, your audiologist and hearing specialist will discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with you.

Surgical Procedures

If you had a traumatic ear injury or repeated infection, surgery may be necessary. The procedure requires the insertion of small tubes to help the ears drain.

The benefits of treatment can include improving your quality of life, greater self-confidence, closer relationships with your loved ones, better outlook on life overall and it can also help to ease depression. If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, call AccuQuest Hearing Centers at (888) 264-2882 to schedule your complimentary , no-obligation hearing examination today!