Our Pledge

The improvement in your quality-of-life that comes with better hearing is well worth the investment! At AccuQuest, we help people at every level of hearing loss and at every price point.

Hearing Aid Pricing

The price of hearing aids depends on several factors including: your level of hearing loss, your hearing aid model, technical features, your health insurance, your budget and the type of hearing aid you choose. The only person who can give you an exact cost for hearing aids is your local hearing professional. To get to the answers about hearing aid pricing, you need to ask a few more questions:

“How Severe is Your Hearing Loss?”

What we’re trying to discover is the level of power and sophistication the hearing instrument needs in order to replace what the ear is no longer providing naturally. Compensating for mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss categories requires different levels of power. The most economical hearing aids have limited power and are best suited for a milder loss.

“How Complex is Your Hearing Loss?”

The most economical units function in essentially the same way they did 20 years ago. They simply make things louder. These instruments do not distinguish between or allow you to adjust amplification by frequency level. To improve speech understanding you need to be able to amplify the specific sounds you are having trouble hearing. As the sophistication level of the hearing instrument increases, so does the ability to enhance individual frequencies, improving both listening quality and understanding. An increase in functionality requires more advanced technology, and that usually comes with an increase in cost.

“What is Your Lifestyle?”

Do you need to be able to distinguish between many different sounds to be happy? If you lead a fairly calm and quiet lifestyle at home where the sounds you want to hear aren’t competing with a lot of background noise, the answer is probably “no”. If, however, you lead an active lifestyle that includes gatherings with family and friends, the theater, outdoor activities and the necessity of interacting with peers or clients at work, then you’ll probably need a more sophisticated hearing device that can be programmed to specifically compensate for your particular hearing loss. Ultimately, we’re trying to use technology to compensate for something impossibly intricate: the human ear.

“What Can You Afford?”

Most people would love to have the very best technology available (as long as it’s not difficult to use). However, you may not have the need or flexibility in your budget to purchase the best. That’s OK. There are nearly as many technology options as there are levels of hearing loss. Since AccuQuest offers the widest range of hearing devices from all manufacturers, you can be assured that you’ll find the right device that fits your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

“What Services are Included at that Hearing Aid Price?”

Regardless of the price you pay for your hearing help, you need to know that you’re getting the best service available and that the service is going to continue to be available into the future. High-end hearing aids come with better service packages and warranties compared to lower-priced devices. When determining the right solution for your hearing needs, make sure to consider that hearing better is a rehabilitative process that takes time and coaching, in addition to technology.

Internet Sales Policy

We do not sell hearing aids online, nor do we condone the practices of online retailers who sell hearing aids online. There are many good reasons for this, but three of the biggest reasons are:

  1. Hearing aids are medical devices. In order to properly prescribe or fit a hearing aid, the dispensing professional must be qualified and licensed to do so by the state board that regulates that activity.
  2. Hearing loss can be a symptom or warning sign of other possible health conditions. An initial hearing consultation includes an examination that may indicate the possible existence of other serious ear health conditions. In cases like these, a referral is made to a medical professional.
  3. Hearing better is a journey that requires both excellent technology and excellent care. Buying a hearing aid without receiving a face-to-face consultation, the appropriate testing, a professional fitting, and subsequent follow-up visits could result in you purchasing a hearing instrument that is not effective for your loss. Worse, it could lead to damaging your hearing further. 

When purchasing a hearing aid you should be confident in your hearing health provider, the stability and longevity of the business and the equipment they are using to provide your hearing loss solution. Another important part of your purchase is the availability of ongoing help. When you notice a problem with your device or need to come in for adjustments, cleanings, counseling or for supplies, you want easy access to that help. In short, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be taken care of no matter what.