Can You Lead an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids?

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Active people do have a higher risk of accidental hearing aid damage. Make sure they fit properly right from the start

One of the major factors to consider when choosing hearing aids is your lifestyle. Some people think that living an active life would make using hearing aids impossible. In reality, you can run, mountain bike, chase grandkids around and partake in plenty of other activities all while experiencing the benefits of hearing aids. Shark wrangling is out of the question, however; curiously enough, not because of the many teeth involved, but because electronics (even water repellant treated devices) and water don't play well. Here are some things you should know about active lifestyles and hearing aids:

Work with your audiologist or hearing aid specialist to determine the best fit
Hearing aids come in many sizes and styles. If you are frequently moving about, you may want to choose devices that can be custom fit to your ears so they stay in place. Most hearing aids are personalized to some extent, but certain varieties are more specialized for active users. When you are at your hearing aid specialist or audiologist's office, be sure to mention what activities you will be doing while wearing the aids. For example, let the specialist know if you take part in a running group and need to be able to hear traffic and the sounds of your running-mates as they communicate with you. This insight will assist your practitioner in figuring out the best devices for you.

Fit is important

Active people are at a higher risk of accidentally damaging their hearing aids, simply because they move faster and more than individuals who lead more sedentary lifestyles. This does not mean it is inevitable that you will damage your devices just because you are an active person. It does mean you should take special care to keep your hearing aids in top condition. A great way to do this is to make sure they fit properly right from the start. Every time you insert your aids, be sure they are in place and will not fall if lightly jostled. It's advisable to insert hearing aids over soft surfaces, such as near a bed or over a towel. This way, if they fall, they are unlikely to be damaged. If you have any concerns about how your hearing aid stays in place, be sure to contact your hearing aid professional. He or she will schedule an appointment or talk you through your questions over the phone.

When in doubt, take them out
If you are concerned about your hearing aids being damaged while you partake in an activity, it's best that you take them out. Any time you are near water, such as while you're boating, at the beach or swimming pool, you will want to give special consideration to whether or not your devices have a chance of getting wet. You may want to have a hearing aid cleaning kit, complete with a cloth and tools to remove dirt or dust from you raids. An active person may also want to obtain a drying kit from their practitioner. Keeping your devices clean will allow you to have the best hearing experience and to preserve their integrity for years to come. You can call your hearing aid practitioner whenever you have a concern about something, like whether it's OK to wear your device while cutting the grass or playing beach volleyball (or golf, if you spend a lot of time in the bunkers). He or she can offer advice on how to participate in a manner that is safe for your aids.

You can wear your hearing aids while running so long as they have been inserted properly and have a snug fit.

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Some people think that an active lifestyle would make using hearing aids impossible. However, you can partake in plenty of activities all while experiencing the benefits of hearing aids.