My experience with Patricia Landvatter at AccuQuest in West Bend, WI has been one of gratitude. I am also grateful to my daughter who suggested that I go to AccuQuest for help. My inability to hear was interfering with most of my everyday living to say the least. My relationships, safety issues and self esteem were all being affected. It was Pat who helped me to understand the even greater interference of my vanity with was only affording me the futility of isolation from family, friends and the world around me. I love my grand kids but I could no longer hear them. I could no longer hear the birds sing or wind blow. Music had to be painfully loud to others before I could hear. Thankfully, Patricia introduced me to the latest in hearing technology which has provided me with very effective yet discreet solutions. I am grateful to feel reconnected to the "disconnected" world that I was living in. I thank Patricia and all the staff at AccuQuest. My family thanks you as well.

I am very happy with my hearing aids. The service is great. The concern and care was great and is still great. I would and I am telling people to go and get tested at AccuQuest. Great job Patricia.

Samantha is so friendly, knowledgeable and comfortable to work with I definitely would recommend her to all my friends just as a friend recommended me to here.

Samantha is absolutely outstanding in her knowledge, understanding, professionalism and service to the highest quality. Recommending her to future clients would be an exceptional pleasure and privilege. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Samantha did an incredible job of explaining what to do when it came to the hearing aid putting them in adjusting and fitting them right my experience was great and I am very pleased.

I was very skeptical about hearing aids due to several factors, however, the AccuQuest practitioner treated me with dignity and respect. Her patience in explaining all details was admirable and professional. I am now wearing a set of AccuQuest Hearing aids and I'm pleasantly amazed to be able to adapt so readily and experience sounds never heard before. Thank you AccuQuest!!

The aids I now have are my second set. These have 4 settings on them. These settings give me a very good response to my hearing loss. I function as well now as I did when I was younger...I am now age 90!