Brian was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

I am an AccuQuest patient at the Arlington, TX location. Getting hearing aids has changed my life. I took a hearing test at the health fair my company had. I failed the test and set an appointment to go to AccuQuest to have further testing. As it turned out, I needed hearing aids in both ears. Before hearing aids, I felt left out and frustrated with my family because I was limited in how I could interact with them.
  • I was the butt of the family’s jokes about my hearing.
  • They seemed to all mumble when they spoke.
  • I was having problems hearing at work also.
  • The isolation I was feeling kept getting worse and worse.
  • I was angry and frustrated.
  • I could not hear people on my phone.
  • The TV had to be blaring full blast for me to hear the programs. I instantly felt better upon getting my hearing aids.
I felt like I was rejoining life. My world opened up again. I have checkups every 3 months and they have taken care of all adjustments. They have also taught me how to clean and properly care for my hearing aids. The support I get from them is invaluable. I would encourage anyone with a hearing problem to not put off having testing done. I get monthly emails about the latest information on hearing health, hearing loss, tinnitus & hearing aids. One article this past month was about research that showed that a decrease in hearing made your brain decrease in size and could cause dementia. When hearing aids were worn the brain would start functioning fully again. If for no other reason, this is enough to get tested! I wish I had done it sooner because I have been having hearing problems for years. Hearing well is essential to living life to the fullest. Hearing testing is the first step toward that full life.

Thank you Judd for giving me back my hearing! After 26 years in the military, my hearing was shot and I had horrible tinnitus. With my hearing aids, I can enjoy sounds I haven't heard in years! I love the blue tooth feature. Can't describe how much of a life-changing experience this has been for me!

Oh my, what a difference! Before, I could not hear the TV without it being turned up really loud. I could not hear the birds chirping outside or any female voices. I had a really hard time hearing. I thought I had really good hearing before but now, now it really clear. I am so glad that my son and daughter-in-law took me to AccuQuest to get my hearing tested. I was so impressed with how the testing was completed and the staff was really friendly and great to work with. The audiologist was kind, friendly, and patient with me.

I had troubles with another pair and thought I was going to have troubles with this pair, but I didn't have an troubles, I can hear everything. Clock, birds, wind chimes that are in the back yard. Before I couldn't hear my daughter in law on the phone and was constantly asking people to repeat. Now I'm not having any problems on the phone and not having people repeat themselves. I can hear the priest a church, before I couldn't. Family has noticed a huge difference and are happy that I can hear. Frustration because of having to repeat is gone. They are comfortable to wear and I even forget to take them out at night. I'm sorry I hadn't gotten these before. I am very happy with them. If someone wants to take them off me they will have to fight me for them.