I saw an ad on TV for AccuQuest. I was very apprehensive about going. I thought it would be high pressure. When I arrived, it was anything but high pressure. The office staff was great. The doctor knew exactly what I needed. It has made a big difference in my life. I can hear again. Each time I go to the office, all the staff is more helpful than the last time I was in. I would recommend AccuQuest to anyone who has a hearing problem. It has made a big difference in my life. I can hear again.

Timothy S.

Maryville, TN

Ms. McCue is very thorough in explaining all testing procedures and being sure you understand the results of the hearing test. She explained the different hearing aids and advised me which one would work best for me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends. I am very happy with my choice of hearing aids.

Dr. Bobbie McCue and Michelle Lopshire are the kind of people that everyone would hope to know. Always a big smile and a personality that says, "We are very happy to see you and how can we help!" The kind of people with whom I enjoy doing business.

The service and personal attention I received from AccuQuest was outstanding! All hearing aid companies offer good products but AccuQuest offers more than just a product. I am very pleased with the results that my hearing aid has provided. I have already recommended AccuQuest to several people. And by the way, the entire staff was so helpful. Thank you very much.

I put off buying hearing aids for several years. I listened to my disgruntled friends instead of my doctor. My hearing just got worse and worse. I finally decided to do something so that I could improve my lifestyle. I should have done this much sooner. I'm hearing better, the TV volume is down, I'm talking softer, and no one has to yell at me. I really am happy with the results. The equipment is doing a much better job than I expected. The hearing aids are comfortable and worth every penny I spent!

AccuQuest is great! They take time with you, to make sure you are happy with your hearing aids. I really like them, and would recommend them to everybody that needs them. Thank you so much!

It is a pleasure to work with such a professional like my practitioner at AccuQuest. All the staff have all been very patient and understanding of my hearing loss. Through the many visits to the office my hearing has greatly improved and I appreciate all that has been done to improve and refine my hearing. AccuQuest has my ultimate respect and I have already recommended you to my friends.

Very pleased with service--professional, helpful, and respectful. I can hear!

I really didn't think I had a hearing problem until the "test" revealed that yes, I did. The fact that defective hearing can affect the brain was also a contributing fact in convincing me that the decision to buy AccuQuest Hearing Aids was the right thing to do to improve my standard of living.

The service and care for her patients on a scale of 1-10 is an 11, and I would recommend her to family and friends. Thank you, Dr. McCue!

I can only say that the care and service I received on my first visit was superior. Let me first start with Heather. She is by far one of the most knowledgeable Hearing Specialist I have met. She took her time with me and explained what my hearing loss was and the possibility of how it could have happened. She listened to my concerns and responded with sincere compassion and understanding. Her gentle demurer and friendly smile made me feel so comfortable about getting my first hearing aid. Now Stacey. The only thing I can say about Stacey is that all medical receptionists should be trained by her. She is friendly, helpful and will do whatever it takes to get the process done and correctly. Her attitude is so amazing, as I have never seen her or heard her treat anyone disrespectfully. I love my new hearing aid and have not had one bit of trouble with it. Heather has eased me into it so that I don't become irritated with the noise(s) that I can hear for the first time. She really knows what she is doing. Thank you for allowing these two amazing individuals to be a part of the AccuQuest Hearing Centers family.

Bobbie and staff are awesome! They listen to my needs and suggested several hearing aids. A lot of hearing centers try to sell you on "what they want you to have," instead of what you want, Bobbie did not! I can actually "hear" and the follow-up visits are second to none.

When needing new hearing aids, I was recommended to see Dr. Mitzie Sladen who listened and gave me ample time, unlike so many other doctors I've seen. I found her highly professional, knowledgeable and devoted. I highly recommend Dr. Slayden to anyone needing hearing aids. She is incredible. I have worn hearing aids for many years and have never had such a positive experience with other doctors. Miracles do happen! I have found a blessing in the care of Dr. Mitzie Slayden and her staff.

I have had two sets of hearing aids, but I have never had such a great exam as I had with the AccuQuest Hearing Centers. I was very impressed with the staff, a job well done. They seem to really care for the job, not as a job but to really help the patients. Keep up the good work!

I am very glad that I saw the ad in the newspaper. I got an appointment right away and the service was amazing. I have worn hearing aids for five years, but had never heard at this level. I'm very pleased with the product. I will also recommend Summit Audiology to all my friends. Mitzie and her staff are top quality.