I had tinnitus for 30 years and everyone said nothing could be done for it. Then I met Mr. Wilson. We started therapy on February 5, 2018, and today, April 2, 2018, I no longer have tinnitus. Thank you, Mr. Wilson and AccuQuest.

Paul S.

Landrum, SC

I purchased a set of hearing aids on May of 2014 in Little River, SC. I had hearing loss in both ears caused by an M-80 exploding in my hand. I also bird hunted with a 12-gauge shotgun. My wife really was tired of me asking her to repeat what she was saying to me. This really moved me to seek help from a close friend who had purchased hearing aids from AccuQuest. My hearing aids had been little help for my hearing loss. I would put the aids away and wear them off and on, more off than on, whether in an auditorium, room, or just talking to an individual, until January 30, 2018 on my scheduled appointment. I then met Ms. Michele Shaw, H.I.S. She checked my hearing and adjusted the hearing aids to two different settings, which I could adjust myself according to her instructions. My hearing aids are working perfectly now and I wear them daily. A whole new world has opened to me. It would have been fantastic if I had met Ms. Shaw in the beginning when I purchased the hearing aids. Thanks, AccuQuest, for Michele Shaw. Thank you! I had never been told that my hearing aids had more than one setting. Thank you, Michele, for your kindness and professional skills as a Hearing Aid Specialist.

Edwin S.

Loris, SC

I am very pleased with AccuQuest and the service they have provided. I am new to hearing aids and my knowledge was a zero on a 0-10 scale. Michele Shaw spent a lot of time with me, giving me full explanations, demos, return demos. She programmed my phone to the hearing aids and before I left the office, I was comfortable with all aspects of my hearing aids. I tend to be forgetful and needed additional assistance about 2 weeks later. Mark set up an appointment for my convenience and the problem was resolved. Michele does not forget you after the purchase. She and Mark are ready to help. I love AccuQuest!

Donna W.

Myrtle Beach, SC

I was very impressed with Ryan's skill and the state-of-the-art equipment he used to program and maximize the function of my hearing aids. I actually feel that my hearing is as normal as it was prior to needing hearing aids.

David A.

Greenville, SC

I am a retired NYC firefighter and as a result of 9/11, I had lost a substantial amount of hearing. After waiting for years, I decided to try AccuQuest. The difference in my hearing and quality of life has been remarkable. I am now able to hear things like I never could before. The staff at AccuQuest are the kindest and very thoughtful. I will never forget the way I have been treated. I would recommend AccuQuest to anyone with a loss of hearing.

Gary A.

North Charleston, SC

I received my hearing aids 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was instantly pleased and happy. It was a life changing experience. My practitioner is excellent and positive. I have and will recommend people.

Russ L.

Georgetown, SC

I have my first set of hearing aids, which I obtained from AccuQuest. The change in my life has been absolutely great. I was having difficulty hearing and with tinnitus. My Tinnitus sound was llike I was in a dental waiting room and hearing the "drill." My hearing aids controlled the tinnitus within two weeks and greatly improved my hearing and life in general. Money well spent and and a welcome improvement to my life.

Jerry J.

Bonneau, SC

I had a few experiences with hearing centers, none good until I found AccuQuest. My hearing evaluation with AccuQuest was very thorough and complete. They pinpointed my problem and fitted me with a hearing aid that I wear all day. I cannot thank you enough.

Helen H.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Finally it is nice to meet someone who really cares about your situation. Sharon has patience and no matter what your problem is, she is with you until you are satisfied. As long as Sharon is with AccuQuest so will I be. Sharon is really a shining star for your company.

Charles B.

Fort Mill, SC

My RIC 312 hearing aid has made all the difference in the world in my hearing. Greg Barnett is most knowledgeable and is a caring and concerned person. He understands hearing problems and relates to patients in a most caring way. I highly recommend him , Michelle his patient care coordinator and the business in general. Thanks for introducing me to good natural hearing.

Arland E.

Myrtle Beach, SC

I did not know how much I was missing until I got my new hearing aids. I felt I was too young to wear the aids, but when I could no longer enjoy the theater I had to do something. One visit to the nearby AccuQuest Hearing Center was just what I needed. I’m delighted with the aids and the service. It’s wonderful to hear again. Thanks!

Becky W.

Little River, SC

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at AccuQuest Hearing Centers. Whenever I have had a challenge they have immediately assisted me with my new hearing devise. The staff is always courteous and confirms with me every appointment before leaving each visit. Dr. Len is great and he takes time with me to make sure I am comfortable with the hearing adjustments. Thank and May God Bless You.

James J.

Anderson, SC

I love my hearing aids! I have not heard this well in years. My family no longer has to repeat themselves over and over. There is an adjustment stage Len walked me through, but after those were made, I can't tell you how pleased I've been with the results.

Mike T.

Taylors, SC

The improvement in my hearing ability is unbelievable. I can hear clearly without asking people to repeat what they said. I have had my friends come close to me to verify that I am wearing a hearing aid because they couldn't see it. Thank you AccuQuest!

Frances S.

Columbia, SC

AccuQuest (and Shari) give the most personal service one could ask for. I feel that I am very well taken care of and that my time is utilized to the utmost. Every question is answered fully and my needs are met perfectly!

Michael D.

Rock Hill, SC

After trying other brands of hearing aids, I continue to be impressed not only with the quality of my AccuQuesst hearing aids but also with the professionalism of Dr. Ehrenberg and staff. My hearing has vastly improved, my communication with people is greatly enhanced and my social interaction is the best it has been in many years. Thank you for giving us a high quality instrument that makes our life more enjoyable and fulfilling. It is great to again hear the sounds that have been missing for so many years.

Norman B.

Tega City, SC

I love my hearing aids! I have not heard this well in years. My family no longer has to repeat themselves over and over. There is an adjustment stage Len walked me through, but after those were made, I can't tell you how pleased I've been with the results.

Mike T.

Taylors, SC