Hi, my name is Deborah and I was told by a doctor (for physical work related) that I just passed my hearing test. Really, if I'm being honest, I knew my hearing was bad and each and every year, I dreaded my physical because I knew this was going to happen soon. Was told I needed hearing aids for both ears. So this is where AccuQuest comes in. Did some research and read up on your company. Liked what I read, so I stopped in (York office) and talked to the practitioner Holly Reidt. Right off the bat, I knew this is where I would be coming. She answered all my questions and put me at ease. So, made and appointment and was so anxious for that date (June 9, 2018) to get here. When it finally did, testing was done and was told I have severe hearing loss in both ears but that she could and would help me. She put hearing aids on me/did what she does and, lo and behold, I could hear. At 60, never thought I'd cry like I did. After 8 years or so, I was hearing. Been back twice to get my hearing aids and just today (June 19, 2018) for follow up. She adjusted them and like always treated me like family. Holly and her receptionist are fantastic and friendly. I will forever be in their debt. Once again, they are the best and look forward to all the years ahead. Thank you.

Deborah B.

York, PA

The reason I went to AccuQuest is that me and my family were tired of my inability to hear things. I was leery of how much this would do. To my amazement, it has changed me. The things that I can hear like rain, birds, high frequency sounds, and the television which I did not watch because I could not hear. My grandchildren, family and especially my wife thank you AccuQuest. The professionals are so nice and understanding.

had always been told that nothing could be done about the "ringing" in my ears. I've had it for so long I can't remember not having it. I was told to turn on the radio and just learn to live with it. When I received information in the mail about a hearing aid that would help I called right away to make an appointment. MS E. answered the phone and by the time my appointment was scheduled I felt like we were friends and I was looking forward to my visit. When I got there and met [My Practitioner] she put me at ease right away about the hearing test. She is so patient and kind. When she had explained the results we tried the aid-what a difference! I'm so happy with the outcome. I hear better and the ringing is gone.

I am pleased with the performance of my hearing aids. Our local specialist, is a true professional who has expertise in all types of hearing aids - I'm very well satisfied.

I am quite pleased that I chose AccuQuest for my hearing aids. [My Practitioner...] is a personable young man and he is very knowledgeable about fitting the hearing aids to the needs of the customer. It is wonderful to be able to hear clearly again. Before I got my AccuQuest hearing aids there were a lot of times when what I heard someone say to me were not the actual words spoken. Now it is so good to be able to hear what people are saying to me. Thank you, [ my practitioner] and AccuQuest, for improving my hearing.

In responding to the flyer I received in the mail, I found myself participating in a very extensive testing at AccuQuest for possible help in hearing more clearly. Have questions? They have answers. [My Practitioner...] was very helpful in exploring step by step what he would test next. It was a unique experience for me and I am very appreciative of [his] helpfulness, his time and his concern that all would be to my satisfaction. I was amazed when the final results showed a serious hearing loss. My only regret is that such a complete test wasn't taken sooner.

I recommend AccuQuest hearing aids to everyone needing help to hear voices on the television, telephone, and conversation. The instrument is outstanding and the patience and care you receive is wonderful. In addition, [my] practitioner is very knowledgeable and thorough. Joyce A. High Spire, PA

I could not be more pleased with the treatment I received from the AccuQuest Hearing Center in Lancaster, PA. The professionalism displayed by [my practitioner] was outstanding. Robert G. Mount Joy, PA

My husband and I were very happy with all the information that was given to us during the testing and the purchasing of the hearing aids. His [our practitioner's] expertise was one of the most informative about hearing aids. We had been to several other hearing centers and when we came to AccuQuest, we knew this was the place we wanted to get my husband's hearing aids. We were also impressed that he himself [our practitioner] was wearing hearing aids and he would know what my husband would experience after he purchased the hearing aids. Also, after the aids were purchased the tweaking of them was very good and helpful. Personally, I love that my husband can now hear!! Raymond and Alta S. Lancaster, PA

I've been wearing hearing aids for approximately 20 years and during that time I have never had as thorough an explanation of their benefits, adjustments and diversity than I received from your practitioner, Jessica Mikolaichik, H.I.S. She was pleasant in her delivery and put everything in simple English which my wife and I appreciate. She has a winning personality and was very patient answering our many questions. The receptionest, Bobbi was equally as friendly which helped to seal the deal. You've got a winning combination in your York, PA office. Please would travel many a mile to find quailty, service and friendliness that we found at AccuQuest Hearing Centers of York.

I don't normally post any testimonials formally for products i use, but the women at AccuQuest in Camp Hill, PA has impressed me so much that I am. I had previously worn hearing aids before I went to AccuQuest, so I had an idea of to expect, i.e. high prices, high pressure. Jessica and Bobbie were experienced warm and friendly. No hard sell, no trying to sell me the most expensive. Your product itself is excellent. I have not been able to hear so well for years. I only have one hearing aid now, but I expect to get the other this summer. Also i will be telling my friends about AccuQuest! Thanks so much!