I've known for a long time that I had a hearing loss but never had any idea just how much of a loss I had. I was always reluctant to get tested because I knew hearing aids weren't cheap and I knew of so many people who had hearing aids and still had trouble with their hearing. AccuQuest had an ad in the News Herald for a digital hearing aid ... and I thought it was worth looking into so I called for an appointment ... When I was tested for my loss I was shocked to find that I had up to 75 DBS of loss in both ears. I didn't realize it was that bad ... My wife and I were both amazed at the technology that was used to help correct hearing problems. We were also very impressed with the knowledge that Kenneth had involving hearing problems and how they can be helped. He has a wonderful personality and it was always a pleasure to be in his office while he was making adjustments on my hearing aids. I've had them for three weeks now and am very pleased with them. I think my wife is as pleased as I am because she doesn't have to talk so loud when she talks to me. I can also hear the people in a group I'm with and can enter in conversations with them. I would highly recommend AccuQuest to anyone interested in getting hearing aids.

Donna B.

My new hearing aids from AccuQuest have changed my life! My son-in-law also now has hearing aids so my daughter is also very happy too!

I am extremely happy with my hearing aids from AccuQuest. Ken Pross made an easy transition for me. He makes you feel completely at ease. He is friendly, compassionate when needed and make my visits to his office a comfortable time.