Very professional and friendly. Made me feel important and wanted the best for me. Very polite. Test seemed very good and professional. Has made my life very good. Thank you again.

Dewayne P.

Mars Hill, NC

After 30+ years as a police officer, avid hunter, former military (and many rounds of gunfire and being around explosions), I suffered tinnitus for about 18 years. Being fitted for my device was very beneficial. Within 3 months, the tinnitus subsided in one ear and now, a year later, I have only minimal tinnitus on the other side.

Thanks for giving me a wonderful part of my life back. I can now hear music, laughter, rain, birds, and especially conversation! So blessed to have been recommended to you. Thanks, J!

I have been a very satisfied client of AccuQuest for 5 years when I first became aware of John. When I heard that AccuQuest was coming to my hometown, I was thrilled that John would be the force in the office. He always had high standards which is what brought me to AccuQuest. The latest in testing equipment is most efficient. The outer office is very cheerful and the receptionist friendly and competent. My experience with the new hearings aids has been a great success in my hearing ability and independence. I have recommended AccuQuest to several friends who have also been satisfied with the service John has provided.

I am very pleased with my hearing aids--they are very comfortable. The care after receiving them is very good. I highly recommend this product.

There has been a better quality of life in our home since my husband got his hearing aids. One small example is turning down the volume on the television. This is the best investment we have ever made. I strongly recommend it to others. We now have a different quality of life.

My hearing is much better. I can now watch T.V. and understand what is being said. I can also understand conversation with other people much better. I don't have to ask them to repeat what they said. I highly recommend hearing aids for people who are hard of hearing. It will greatly improve your hearing and you can communicate with others better.

I have been very pleased with the understanding of my hearing problem. Dr. Frederick has been exceptionally patient with me.

When I first went to AccuQuest I was very much in doubt they could do anything for me. I had a fairly new hearing aid. I suffer from an acoustic neuroma tumor in my right ear and hearing loss in my left ear. My hearing aid had been adjusted by a center in Florida where I had bought it. The gentleman here gave me a full exam and explained my hearing aid had never been adjusted properly. I walked out of the there hearing better than ever. I even tell my husband to turn the tv down. Thank you so much.

These new hearing aids gave me my life back, I wasn't hearing my family when they talked, and missed a good part of church services. Now, I hear it all.

My hearing is so much better. I hear flutes, clarinets and all the high pitched instruments. The TV volume is half of what it was. The staff is very helpful and they do a good job.

I am so pleased to say my first visit to Mr. Beam and his staff has been the very best medical attention with a pleasing outcome I never expected (I CAN HEAR). I was greeted with such kindness and warmth and my fears disappeared! I have been in all types of medical offices in my 70 years - this was the most comfortable appointment with success and especially the confidence and loving feeling for my success in getting the help I needed to hear! They go way past their duties, never miss a smile when needed - so up front and exceptional in all they do! My thanks to Mr. Beam for his specialty in returning my hearing!

Thank You AccuQuest, You've opened up a whole new world for me. After years of being told "there's nothing we can do for you" Regan Beam worked with me and now I can hear. Never had I heard rustlings of leaves and many of the little things of life everyone takes for granted. I'm over 80 years of age, a hearing check as a child when I was growing up just did not happen. I now feel connected to my family, my church family and a huge network of friends. When introduced to someone new, I always had this explanation ready. "I have a hearing problem. If I seem anti-social, please accept my apology. I am very interested in what you have to say, I just can't hear you unless we're speaking one on one." Again THANK YOU ACCUQUEST!!! Everyone is your Concord, NC office has made me feel like family. You have blessed me beyond expectation! May God Bless You!

I am very impressed with the new technology of my AccuQuest hearing aids. It is so great to be able to carry on a conversation with my young grand children and clearly understand them. No longer to I have to lean my ear over to someone in a noisy place. My specialist, Micheal Dellinger, was very knowledgeable, courteous and eager to make sure I was satisfied. I am very satisfied with the whole office staff.

I cannot say enough about how positive my experience with AccuQuest has been. Dr. Shelli Murray and her staff are kind and pleasant when I have visited their office. The service is prompt. Best of all, she fixed my hearing aids! That, to me, was priceless!! Thank you, Dr. Murray, I will recommend AccuQuest to others.

As many people of every age hate to admit they have a loss of hearing, for many reasons, I was one of those people. My only regret is I waiting a long time before addressing this issue. I am very active and a proud woman, I thought hearing aids meant I was one of those 'old people'. Wow, was I wrong. I have hearing aids that are not visible due to them being embedded in the ear canal. My life has changed so much for the better. I no longer have to ask anyone to repeat or read lips. I can relate to my grandchildren and everyone now. So to put it briefly, Thank You Dr. Sharon, you are my new best friend. You and your staff are fantastic.

From the moment I entered the office I was warmly greeted by Karen who set the tone for the entire visit. Regan performed my hearing evaluation in a professional and informational manner. He was very thorough in explaining to me what my hearing aid would do and that he was available if I had any problems or questions. My entire visit was warn and caring. I would definitely give them an A++ rating.

I could not have been more pleased with the care and service I received from my AccuQuest Hearing Center. I hardly know I am wearing the hearing aids, but the new sounds I am hearing are making a great difference.

I am very pleased with the service and my new hearing aids. These new aids have changed the way I hear everything. I would recommend Bo to anybody.

I have truely felt comfortable in this clinic from my first day. Both people there treated me like I am so important. The care I receive is so great. I drive 139 miles each way to see Shelli. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need a hearing test. They really work at getting me in when I'm not working. They are super.

My AccuQuest Hearing Aids are my fourth pair of aids and I absolutely love them. They are light weight, accurate and easily adjusted in the office. Dr. Murray is the best. Not only does she do a wonderful job, but she is a kind and compassionate person. I recommend her without hesitation to all my friends that have hearing loss.

Most hearing aid providers offer friendly customer service and say they can be trusted. The trust issue is usually lost when at the time of purchase they all offer only the most expensive aid they sell. At AccuQuest I was offered they same promises, but Reagan Beam followed through and has earned my trust and saved me nearly a $1000 per aid. I highly recommend this company. Karen and Regan make a great team.

Recently, I purchased a pair of digital hearing aids I was quite amazed at my hearing loss at the testing center and agreed to try the aids for 30 days. Immediately I began hearing sounds I had not heard for a long time. Like any new thing or device I continue to have to adjust to these. Mike and Angela have been very patient with me during this period making sure I was adjusting and getting the prime benefit from these aids. I am extremely pleased that I make the purchase. My quality of life has improved greatly.

Last night I was sitting at my computer desk beside an open window, enjoying the sound of the crickets' chirping and thinking about how many more crickets there were that evening. Deciding it was time to get ready for bed, I removed my hearing aids and most of the cricket song disappeared. This is just one example of the many small enjoyments of life that I had been missing without even being aware of them. Hearing specialist John Wilson demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and expertise in his field. I was also impressed by his demeanor and his interest in helping people.

Shelli is very comfortable to speak too. She is very attentive to her patients' needs and is willing to listen. She is the most generous, caring person I know.

I am extremely pleased with my new hearing aids. I cannot believe the quality of hearing that I now have. I will pass along your name to my friends and family. Your staff is exceptional!