I've been a patient at AccuQuest for many years having purchased hearing aids. The only person I've ever dealt with is Ed Deneau. He is a real pro. I find him intelligent, educated, informed, knowledgable, trained. He knows his stuff. He's similar to "Radar" on M.A.S.H.. He has it all together. Ed is the reason I go to AccuQuest and no place else. Becky Deneau is the other half of the equation. She does a great job at the front desk. Friendly, happy, good natured, informed. Becky is a real asset to AccuQuest. She does a great job.

Lee B.

Midland, MI

After years of frustration with not hearing well in a crowd and not being able to enjoy our family gatherings, I finally decided, after seeing an AccuQuest commercial, to go and get my hearing checked. I went to the AccuQuest Hearing Centers in Midland in February 2017 and had my hearing tested and it confirmed what I already knew; my hearing was poor. When Ed programmed the hearing aids and put them in my ears and turned them on, I had tears in my eyes. I had no idea how bad my hearing was or how much I was missing. I knew I could not leave without them. When I got outside, I just stood there amazed by what I could hear. I could hear the birds, the sound of cars going by, the sirens in the distance, and the sound of people talking in the parking lot. It was truly "LIFE CHANGING." God Bless Ed! I also have tinnitus and when I put my hearing aids in, it greatly diminishes the ringing. Many times, I don't even hear it. As I made my adjustment to being able to hear again, I had to come in for small adjustments a couple of times in the beginning, but Ed was always able to take care of the issues. I was always reluctant to get the hearing aids due to the considerable cost, but please don't wait years like I did. Go in and try them. Your whole world will change. You will not regret it. I hope this helps anyone who is considering hearing aids.

Ralph C.

Bay City

I am very pleased with the care I have received from the Sandusky office. I got my new aids this year and have been back in the office several times. Mrs. Messing has been very patient with me. She has explained how the hearing aids work with my ears. She explained it so I could understand. She has made several adjustments to make them fit better. The office help is just as welcoming. I would recommend this office to everyone.

John B.


I purchased hearing aids in 2014 and after several office visits, I was unhappy with the results. So the hearing aids set idle for four years. The one day, I decided to make a 2nd attempt. After spending $6,000, I thought I deserved better. That's when I met Mr. Edward Deneau. He redialed the hearing aids and changed my life for the better. I can hear like never before! I will be forever grateful to Mr. Edward Deneau.

Harley N.


I want you to know how well my new speakers are working for me. Because of your wonderful expertise, your diligence, your patience, and your sincere caring, you have made a tremendous difference in my life. When I was having so much trouble hearing and understanding, I felt as though a part of me was no longer alive. You have been a Godsend to me the last ten years. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maryann F.

Central Michigan

The hearing aids I received at AccuQuest a year ago have been life-changing, period. I have been totally satisfied from start to finish. Their staff is top notch and their care after purchase has been beyond great. I highly recommend AccuQuest of Bad Axe. Don't wait any longer to get back to normal. Go see them asap!

Craig R.

Bad Axe

My experience with AccuQuest Hearing Center has been very positive! While being most professional and proficient, [My Practitioner] is also a warm and caring person. The hearing aids she fitted me with are the best I've had. I would highly recommend [AccuQuest] to anyone.

From the beginning, it has been wonderful getting my hearing aids. There is a world of difference in my being able to hear! These hearing aids are the state of the art, as they do not bother me in crowds. The service I received is second to none, it is great. There is always a smile and compliment for me when, I arrive there, as well as a treat of cookies and coffee. My only hope is that the staff will be there forever.

I am very satisfied with everything that has taken place since I received my hearing aids. I appreciate the care that has been given to make sure that all is going right. It has always been a very friendly and pleasant place each time I have been there. The waiting time has always been short. Sarah is very out-going and easy to talk too. I would recommend AccuQuest very highly.

Never in my experience has a provider been so caring in adjusting my hearing aids to fit my particular needs. I have had hearing aids for more than twenty years now and the pair you prescribed for me have restored my hearing better than any previous pair I have used. They are comfortable, unobtrusive and seem to work extremely well in any situation I find myself. Most of my interactions with previous providers have been “Here are your hearing aids! Pay your bill! and if you need adjustments come back in six months.” I just felt like a wallet walking in to be emptied and that was that! In contrast, you have listened to me, questioned me about fine details, tested my hearing and tweaked my aids until they worked in optimum fashion in an amazing number of situations.

It is difficult to express my gratitude to AccuQuest and Ed Deneau for all they have done for me. Ed Deneau is a hearing aid specialist and technician with high expertise. He opened new worlds for me by helping me to once again hear everything. I hear low tones, high tones and most importantly I can hear everything my grandchildren and my patients say. Even those annoying background noises are now filtered out. Before I met Ed, I had hearing aids, but they were the kind that worked best in my drawer, not in my ears. They did not meet my hearing needs and were very irritating with background noises, sharp feedback and improper fit. When I first walked into AccuQuest's Office Ed Deneau and his competent staff made me feel welcome and confident that I was in the right place to receive the attention I needed for my individual needs to be met. Ed immediately diagnosed why I had the problems I was experiencing and knew exactly what to do to correct the problems. When I need appointments for periodic check ups or adjustments, there is no charge for the services and I get the help I need quickly. Thank you AccuQuest and Ed Deneau for sharing your talents and expertise to help so many of us experience a better, richly enhanced quality of life.

Thanks to AccuQuest (Julie Pabst & Staff) & AudioSync Hearing Aids, I can hear better. I can, with the features on my hearing aids, control the volume and reduce background noise, which was always a problem in the past. Julie and her staff have always been friendly and helpful. They always take the time to listen and answer any questions I have had.

I have been a patient of Julie Pabst for five years. The professional services have been excellent and I have had increased hearing ability during this time. The staff and Julie are very friendly and will spend as much time with you as necessary to answer questions.

I purchased my second pair of hearing aids from AccuQuest. The hearing test was the best I have ever received. I very much appreciated the thoroughness of the exam and the steps taken to make sure that I received what I needed for my particular situation. The service after the purchase is exceptional and thorough. In my profession as a consultant, I need to hear the frequencies of both men's and women's voices. These new hearing aids meet my every need and expectation. The ability to fine tune to my needs is a great feature. [My AccuQuest Practitioner] is a first rate professional and very easy to communicate with.

I received my first set of hearing aids through AccuQuest in East Lansing. Julie Pabst was very professional and knowledgeable. Her staff was friendly and courteous and the whole experience was stress free. I am very happy with my hearing aids and with my decision to use AccuQuest.