I appreciate all they have done for me. Thank You! Since I received my new aids I have not been able to get back to AccuQuest yet. I do intend to visit them soon for some minor adjustments and questions... I am very pleased with AccuQuest overall. They seem like they really care about their clients needs. Once again Thank you!!

It has been my pleasure to work with AccuQuest. Their service has been terrific and I can now sit in a meeting and hear what is being said. The ability to adjust the levels of hearing is very helpful and the comfort of not even feeling the hearing aids is good.

I felt comfortable on my first visit to AccuQuest at 8448 Hickman in Urbandale, Iowa. Chris Poli is a real gentleman and I trusted him immediately. He tested my hearing and explained things to me. I decided to have him as my forever "ear guy." My hearing is wonderful now! I have had the pleasure of referring two of my friends to Chris. They have thanked me for the referral and feel the same wonderful energy that makes a visit feel safe.

For many years I had experienced difficulty hearing in some situations that were not one on one conversations. Examples of this were: group meetings, homilies at church, family conversations etc. I needed the volume of the TV and radio to be louder than normal. I would have my Dr. remove wax and this helped some, but did not solve the problem. Finally, I bit the bullet - had my hearing checked at AccuQuest Hearing by Chris Poli and purchased hearing aids. All of my problems improved greatly. If there are questions or concerns, Chris has been willing to check the aids, answer questions and make adjustments to better my hearing. He has a great rapport with his customers and this is very important.