I have worn hearing aids for 10 years and I knew I had to find a better way to hear. My first visit with David Do convinced me that I was in the right place. The consultation and tests were far beyond anything I had experienced before. The thorough explanation was well done! I will turn 80 in November and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be part of conversations that were so difficult before. My quality of life has been restored. I now realize how much I was much I was missing! Thank you for AccuQuest and Practitioner David Do.

Geraldine M.

Wauconda, IL

I'm very happy to hear again. Randy did an excellent job. Thank you for your help.

AccuQuest Hearing Center in Joliet is a very professional office with friendly staff always waiting to help. The Audiologist, Dawn Kovacik, is very confident and knowledgeable in the hearing aid products and I'm impressed with the testing facilities. The office is very clean and a central location in Joliet.

The service is outstanding! My Audiologist, Dawn, has provided me with quality service that I did not expect to get from any hearing aid center. The enjoyment I now get from listening to my favorite music and listening to the news on TV is remarkable. People no longer have to repeat what they say to me. The product is high-quality and has improved my hearing considerably. I am happy that I found an experienced and well-qualified Audiologist. The friendliness and helpfulness of Kay and the Office Manager is a great asset to the center.

Having had several ear surgeries has made it challenging to find a comfortable hearing aid that stays in my ear. Curtis put a great deal of time and effort into making sure the hearing aid I purchased from him met all of my needs! He was very patient, kind, and determined to provide the best service. HE listened to my concerns and input. Laura, his Receptionist, is very friendly and efficient. The office is very clean and pleasant. A good place to get great service

From the time I walked in the door, I was treated like one of the family. Everything was explained in great detail and I was never treated with anything but perfect care. I would and have told friends of my great experience. John is very patient and caring. Candice at reception was most kind and caring. I feel like I have made new friends.

John is very knowledgeable, informative, and patient. He is helpful in many areas and professional in every aspect.

The service is excellent! Everyone in the office (Alex and Jason) are always helpful.

I waited a long time before I decided to comment on AccuQuest Hearing Centers local office, staff and my new hearing aids. I have worn hearing aids for the past ten years involving four separate hearing aid companies. I have never been satisfied with their service after purchase, hearing aid devices and follow-up care. Time and time again I felt like I was a nuisance, taking up their personal time. On several occasions, I have sent my hearing aids back to the factory for some type of adjustment, the hearing aids would come back, I would be called to pick them up without seeing anyone to make sure the problem was fixed. I am delighted that AccuQuest has reversed these negative experiences. I wish to compliment the treatment I have received at the AccuQuest Hearing Center in Bloomingdale, Illinois. I so appreciate Russell Broadhead for his professionalism and most helpful service. I consider myself a fair and decent professional judge of character. Mr. Broadhead is the best service agent I have ever encountered. He does his job amazingly well, his people skills are far better than most. However you managed to hire a man of such dedication and human concern as well as technical skill and knowledge, strengthens my faith in AccuQuest. My hearing aids are splendid, easy to care for and the best I have ever used. You should be proud of the assistance you provide to so many of us who struggle to communicate with others. I thank you again for the ability to hear!

Alex is very professional. He knows his business. He is very kind and caring. Alex answers any and all questions that I have. I enjoy my appointments with him and he is very informative and patient.

I have found John to be a consummate professional during my patient visits and exam. He is not only a good listener in addressing my hearing concerns, but also answers and solves the matter. His communication skills are excellent and makes me feel very comfortable in writing this. You are very fortunate to have him as an employee of AccuQuest.

Very professional and helpful. They really care about a person's hearing; especially in my case. I haven't heard anything on my right side in 30 years; they are helpful and not trying to sell you anything. It's always a good experience.

I want you to know, since I got my hearing aids, Dr. Jandick has given me the best service. I am very pleased with the way my issues have been taken care of. Thank you!

My brief testimonial about AccuQuest: Cheerful and clean office The staff were pleasant Appointments are on time Staff answered all my questions well I am pleased with the hearing aid Hearing noises better like talking gin a group, birds singing, etc.

I have been a customer of your store for several years and my dealings with John Goik were wonderful. He is an asset to your business.

My hearing aids have changed my life. I was recommended by a friend who had a great experience at AccuQuest and I can say I have too. I insisted that my wife come with me when I was being tested because I can't hear her without her being directly in front of me. With the aids, I can hear her through walls and doors like she expected me to before. At the testing, she laughed when I gave answers that had nothing to do with the question. The Christmas concert was unbelievable with the aids. From the first day I wore the receiver in the canal (RIC) mode, I did not feel them. Almost daily, I step in the shower with them in. Fortunately, I massage water in my scalp first and hear them. There is a setting for when I ride my bike or have the roof down on my convertible. Last of all, I want to compliment Curtis Watson for his attention to detail and handling every question or problem I had with utmost professionalism. Kate, who handles everything else has been a pleasure to work with and schedules appointments that are always convenient for me. Thank you both!

I have been very pleased with my hearing aids. I bought AudioSync NOW hearing aids. Andy Bennington has been very accommodating. Whenever I have a problem or question, Andy takes care of it. He also makes adjustments when and if I need them. He is good about cleaning wax out of my ears.

I had no idea how isolated I had become due to my hearing loss. My hearing aids have re-awakened my joy of living! I'm engaged in the world again after almost ten years of slowly receding from it. I adore being able to begin conversations again confident that I can participate fully once more!

Dawn is an excellent representative of your company. Her knowledge and expertise has supplied me with the best aid for me and has improved communication between my wife and myself. Her office and staff are warm and inviting and she welcomes us each time with a smile. We feel like we are visiting a friend.

There are four important requirements hearing aids have to meet. Are they easy to handle? Yes. Are they comfortable? The reason they are comfortable is because they fit. Are they discreet? Again the answer is yes. And can you hear? Natural hearing distinguishes between noises . AccuQuest hearing aids provide very natural hearing. I won't say they are cheap but I will say they are worth every penny. Beatrice L. Pontiac, IL

Before walking into the AccuQuest office to meet with Dr. Mark Christian, I had all but given up on hearing. I was used to nodding to whatever was said when dining with friends or sitting next to someone in the car. I had lost all hope of hearing the dialogue in the theater when sitting in the second row. All of this was sadly true, even with the one hearing aid I had received from my health care professional. No wonder I never wore it, it made no difference. Here I am three weeks after visiting Dr. Christian. I just returned from a river cruise in China and had no trouble hearing at the noisy table for eight. I am so used to and comfortable with my hearing aids that I almost forgot to remove them to shower. Dr. Christian and his staff have given me excellent, caring service. I feel like I've gotten my life back.

I would like to share with you my experience with AccuQuest Hearing. After a bad experience with another company, I decided to try AccuQuest. I'm glad I did. They listened to my problems and gave me a hearing aid that fit my needs. I would like to thank all staff, especially Caroline, for a wonderful service.

I am so thankful I scheduled my appointment. I was fitted with my hearing aid and noticed the difference immediately, especially in my line of work. I cannot say enough good things about the staff at AccuQuest and the quality of their products. I will continue to refer everyone here.

I had forgotten what I had missed. Funny how the brain works!!! My first night with my new hearing aids as emotional. For the first time in 10 years I heard the beautiful rain on my rooftop. I kept my hearing aids in all night so I could hear it. So peaceful. The next morning running late, I ran out to the car. I suddenly stopped cold in my steps. The birds were chirping! I had forgotten ... They were beautiful. I jumped in the car and sped off. Tick. Tick. Tick. What was that ticking sound?! Was there a bomb in my car? Then suddenly I saw, it was the turn signal indication that I hadn't heard in years... Wow, I didn't realize all I had missed. The brain had a way of making me forget the loss. Almost like a grief process. Interesting!! The grandkids think my new hearing aid has made me smarter. No, I am still the same ditzy Grandma, but now I am more aware of my surroundings and what is going on. And they can't pull the "wool" over my eyes anymore because I "hear" the pitter patter of mischief now!! I have had the best service one could have. Andy is a perfectionist. He gives me the best adjustments and service I need to give me optimal hearing. I had real hearing loss with acute tinnunitis. The ringing in my ears have declined 40% and my hearing now is excellent. I cried all the way home after the first day I got my hearing aids... Thank You Andy, for introducing me back into the beautiful sounds of my world.

I recently purchased a new hearing aid, a Starkey x110 from Dr. Diana Chen at AccuQuest Hearing Center in Oaklawn, IL. I now have more comfort behind the ears, but best of all much better hearing than from previous hearing aids. I now hear sounds I never heard before, such as clocks ticking, the turn signals in my car and much more. I also feel more balanced since both ears now work together. My right ear which is my worst is able to hear on the phone and TV without depending on the better ear. Thanks to Dr. Chen I did quite well with previous hearing aids, but nothing compared to this Starkey. You are very lucky to have Dr. Diana Chen working for your company. There is no better and qualified person in the field of Audiology. She not only knows and understands hearing aids, she also is very good in solving the many problems that often go along with adjustments etc in finding the right instrument for sensitive and "fussy" ears, as I have! She has done for me the often "impossible" and I have come out the better! Several ear doctors told me for years, a hearing aid would not benefit my worse ear. Well, Dr. Chen proved them all wrong! That is why I have been going to her for 30 years plus and shall continue to do so. She has truly given me the gift of hearing.

I have been wearing my hearing aids for a year and it has been a life changing experience for me. The staff are freindly and extrmemly helpful. I am so grateful to Lee for his patience in explaining the use of my aids and how to care for them and the extent of my hearing loss.

When I walked into the AccuQuest Hearing Center I didn't know what to expect. AccuQuest's computerized testing program I was able to see with my own eyes what my hearing loss was. Dr. Muscarello was very thorough with explaining everything. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service and am enjoying my hearing aids very much.

I'm a self-employed sales representative and good hearing is essential to be successful at my job. I wear my hearing aids for a minimum of fourteen to sixteen hours a day. The Starkey Otolens S series IQ are my, shall we say, "4G" set of aids. The Starkey aids are by far the best. They are comfortable and very flexible changing to different room and noise environments. Dr. Chen and Eileen are great for any kind of needs or service the aids require.

Dr. Keri Maas is one of the most kind, compassionate and knowledgeable doctors of audiology I have ever met. I have small ear canals and have had many challenges to find the best hearing device. Dr. Maas has patiently worked with me through several types of hearing aids in an attempt to give me the best possible hearing with little or no visibility of the aids. Throughout the process she has always maintained a determined and caring attitude and a pleasant cheerful disposition. I would confidently recommend Dr. Keri Maas to anyone who is in needs of hearing assistance.

Doctor Mark Christian is extremely attentive to my hearing needs. I appreciate his professional knowledge and concerned attitude. He is definitely an asset to AccuQuest Hearing Centers. It is wonderful to have an Audiologist who cares.

I'm 60 years old and I could tell I needed hearing aids. My hearing problem is hereditary, so I decided to do something about it now. I made an appointment with Andy at AccuQuest; had a hearing test; made an appointment and had the impressions made. The first time I put them in my ear, I hated them... After several fittings and several weeks of going back in to see Andy; I now love them. I have them computerized for every day, church, restaurants and crowds. Andy made me very comfortable; worked with me and each and every time I saw him he asked how they felt and kept working with me to get them turned correctly. I would highly recommend Andy and his staff. They are just great people and make you feel comfortable.

The service after receiving a hearing aid is wonderful. You can go in and have it adjusted as needed. You are always treated with respect and care.

AccuQuest Hearing Centers are very professional and take excellent care of their patients. Our whole family wears Starkey hearing aids. We believe they are the best available.

First of all, after 3 sets of hearing aids through the years, I realize that none are absolutely perfect, however these are the best I have ever had. They are small and I could not go anywhere without them. The office is very clean, neat and Dawn and her staff are excellent. I am never hurried and she adjusts my aids very willingly. I have encouraged my friends to go to Dawn.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with Stacey Logal from your Glenview office. She is very knowledgeable in her field and spent time with me to put me at ease and answer questions and concerns. Because of Stacey, I would not hesitate to recommend AccuQuest to my friends. She is a great representative of your company.

About 40 years ago I was fitted with my first hearing aid. Since then I have been fitted with with about ten hearing aids. Each time I was told 'this type will help you". However, none could fulfill my needs. An AccuQuest ad arrived in my mail and I made an appointment. My hearing test was performed wonderfully, the pros and cons of my type of loss were explained thoroughly. Dr. Logal showed me the best type of aids for my loss and I now have a large portion of my hearing back. My life is cerainly the better for having them. Thank you Dr. Logal for your expertise and guidance. You are top notch!

We switched from another hearing specialist and are so very glad we did! Eureka! No hearing problems now!

I was unhappy with my hearing aids till I met Haley Kurzawa. She did a wonderful job correcting them. No noise, no feedback, they sound so natural. Now I'm very happy. Thank you.

Today I was very happy with the outcomes of having my hearing aids adjusted. I have had my hearing aids for three years and today seems to be a new beginning of better hearing thanks to Haley. She has asked me to call her in a couple weeks to let her know how things are going and I have a good feeling I will be able to understand what people are saying and I will let her know.

My experience at the Crystal Lake office has been extremely satisfactory; give them a "10"! Not only have the hearing aids transformed my life, but the staff have patiently explained my questions and concerns and made the transition for me so easy. I would like to point out that Whitney is perfect for the front office, so happy, friendly, and knowledgeable about the products. She puts everyone at ease and just brightens up your day. I will recommend this company to everyone I know.

When I walked into the AccuQuest Hearing Center I didn't know what to expect. AccuQuest's computerized testing program I was able to see with my own eyes what my hearing loss was. Dr. Muscarello was very thorough with explaining everything. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service and am enjoying my hearing aids very much.

Dr. Linda Muscarello has been my AccuQuest Hearing Center caregiver for about 6 months. She has been excellent, personally attentive and very conscientious. I can truly say my experience with her has been rewarding in providing me with renewed hearing ability. What she has done for me she will always do for others. You will never have to look back.

I can't say enough good things about my new hearing aids. They have made such a difference in my life. The new technology to improve my hearing in different environments is wonderful. I wish I had done this sooner. To be able to hear my grandson's voice clearly and listen to the birds singing makes them worth it. Thanks for being so helpful in choosing the ones best for my needs.

Since I upgraded to the new technology, I feel like I hear much more naturally, like a person with normal hearing would. When I watch television, I don't have to turn it up really loud, but I can watch it at a normal volume. In fact, sometimes I tell my husband he can turn it down! With my old aids I would usually take my aids out whenever I entered a very noisy environment but now I am able to wear them all the time because they sound natural and reduce background noise when I need them to. I've been able to wear them every day all day from the first day I got them. I can now enjoy hearing the sounds of life without interruption.

I appreciate the professional and courteous care that I receive at every appointment. My hearing aids are an essential part of my life now and every effort is put forth each time to ensure they are in perfect working condition. When beginning my search for a provider for hearing assistance, AccuQuest was not at the top of my list. Now, in looking back, I can't believe I considered anyone else. To AccuQuest, and especially Andy, thank you so much!