I watched the Braves game last night and, for the first time with my new hearing aids, I could hear the announcers, the conversations in the dugout, and the fans in the stands and I did not have to turn the sound up on my TV. I was amazed that I could finally hear the game. Thank you, AccuQuest, for my new hearing. It's great.

The hearing test, product selection, fitting, and purchasing process with AccuQuest was a pleasure. The practitioner and staff were very professional in every phase of the process. The customer service after the purchase has been outstanding. I experienced immediate hearing improvement with my hearing aids, particularly in one on on conversations, telephone calls, and watching television. Thank you for making this purchase such a wonderful experience.

Oh happy day! My husband and I can hear each other now at home, in the car, in restaurants, and better at family gatherings. But he still beats me at cards; guess we can't fix that!

I am very happy with my hearing aids. They are very comfortable and don't notice that they are there.

We stopped by to make an appointment and we were seen immediately! What concern and service! I had bought my aids from a different office and was amazed that they took such care with me.

I am very grateful for the service provided by AccuQuest. They went to great lengths to explain my hearing loss and the various hearing aid options. I would recommend their service to anyone with hearing loss.

I am extremely pleased, not only with the quality of aids I received, but the outstanding customer service, as well. My overall experience was very satisfying.

My experience with both the Smyrna and Douglasville offices has been of a superior nature. The hearing aids have far exceeded my expectations. The professionalism of John & Victoria has been a distinct pleasure. Having had experience with another hearing aid, which was a different brand and unfortunately a very poor experience, this has been a more than satisfactory experience with both the aids and your people. Following up on your newspaper ad was quite fortunate for me.

I am very happy with the service and equipment I have received from AccuQuest. From the very beginning, I was treated with genuine care and concern. The staff, especially the practitioner, who examined, tested, and fitted me, were at all times sensitive to my needs and feelings. The practitioner was competent, skilled, and knowledgeable about hearing, hearing loss, and the options available for overcoming the loss. He was very patient in answering the many questions I had. The options were presented clearly and without any pressure to buy. After I decided to buy, the service and concern remained at the same high level. The hearing aids themselves and the equipment for testing, fitting, and subsequent adjustment were of the highest quality. They not only allowed the practitioner to do what he needed, but the visual displays of what was happening to my hearing and how the hearing aids were helping did much to make me comfortable with the whole process. I had almost no trouble in adapting to the new hearing environment. I hear much better especially in noisy settings and when watching TV. I have had 4 appointments since the original one. In each one, the practitioner has evidenced a concern for me and my hearing. He has kept good records on what has been done. He always asks if there are problems and he has been able to explain what is going on and to make helpful adjustments. I am a very satisfied customer/patient/friend.

I recently visited the office of Kent Myers because of an ad in the paper. I had been putting off seeing someone about my hearing aids because of the cost. I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn't like most visits to a doctor or hearing specialist. Kent was so helpful and kind. He spent about an hour working on my old hearing aids that needed repair. He also spent a lot of time explaining to me about what was involved in purchasing new aids. I am so very pleased that I can now use my old hearing aids that he fixed for me. There was no pressure from him to purchase new ones. I believe that he spent, about two hours with me. I was so surprised when he said there would be 'no charge' . I am now wearing my old hearing aids but will definitely go back to see Kent when I can afford it or need help again. I must say that Sonia in his front office was pleasant and very helpful. It was a very nice experience!

My visit at AccuQuest was great. Chance Black, hearing specialist was very good in helping to get my hearing aids working well. He is very patient and very thorough.

I am very pleased with the service I received from John & Victoria at the Douglasville AccuQuest. They are very pleasant to work with and seem to truly care about my hearing needs. I have had hearing problems for many years and wish I had came to AccuQuest years sooner. It's great to be able to hear again. I will highly recommend this office to anyone who needs hearing aids.

I had a pair of hearing aids needing some repair and I did not want to go back to the doctor that I had originally gotten them from. I saw an ad in the paper for free hearing aid repair, hearing screening and adjustments. I stopped by and my hearing aids were so old that they could not be repaired. I made an appointment for a check-up. I was very pleased with the whole program and the practitioner, Brad, is great as well as the receptionist. When you walk into the office, you feel a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I received immediate attention and felt very comfortable during my hearing test and fitting. I am very happy with my hearing aids and the service that I received, as well as the undivided attention I got during my tests and fittings.

I am very pleased with my new high tech hearing aids. It appears having them has heightened my self confidence. I am so pleased with them that I find myself showing them off to my friends & family. I can't say enough about the quality of these devices as well as of the service that I received from John and Tammie at AccuQuest. Thank you!

For ten years I have been wearing expensive hearing aids. They were never right - uncomfortable and poor clarity. I went to AccuQuest Hearing Centers and got no high-pressure sales gimmick; they spent hours with me, testing me by using highly technical computers. The results were life-changing. The hearing aids are comfortable with excellent clarity. The Audiologist and staff are truly professional and compassionate people.

I want to thank you so much for being so nice to me. I love the service I get at AccuQuest and I like wearing my new high tech hearing aids. They work so well that I have worn them all my waking hours. I love showing them off to my family and friends. I can hear so much better and I now don't have to ask people to repeat what they have said. You are so truthful in explaining everything to me. You have helped me so much, bless you and thank you so very much.

I put off getting a hearing instrument for years. After undergoing an outstanding, thorough and highly professional examination from a Starkey Hearing Aid Specialist I was convinced that their product and the results of the detailed exam was right for me. I have been highly pleased and never sorry for my decision. As a person who is wearing the Starkey product, I endorse them without equivocation. If in doubt, ask the person who is using their hearing aids. You will not be dissatisfied.

My family knows when I don't have my hearing aids in because when they say something I can't hear them. With the aids in I can hear everything and I don't have to have the TV volume up so loud that it can be heard across the street. John and his staff are always super nice to me.

The hearing aid is a profound life changing experience for me. I no longer get stressed at the constant attempts to hear. My life is now twice as nice. My wife is also much happier now that I can hear her better. Each day I look forward to hear the sounds that I had been missing. Working with John is easy. Its comforting to know that he can and will adjust my aids as needed.

I had so much fun today hearing things I haven't heard in a long time. Started with the radio that I usually kept the volume at level 10 but had to reduce it to 5 since I could now hear well. Talked on my cell phone to family and was surprised to hear road noise and other vehicles. Best so far has been the land line phone at work- I heard and understood the voice on the other end. I've smiled so much today that my face hurts!

I love my hearing aids..wouldn't trade them for the world. I enjoy going to church again every Sunday..I can now hear and understand the message. John, I thank you for helping me.

I have gained not only my life back but the quality of my life has improved since I started wearing hearing aids. My wife was so miserable because I wouldn't answer the phone or go anywhere without her. I have regained my independence and am ready to embark on my new life hearing again. Thank you John and Tammie for helping me.

I went into review the process of cleaning my hearing aids. I was given excellent help - free - and walked out completely satisfied.

I am 74 years old and my hearing is fair at the very best. About 10 years ago I tried hearing aids from one of the well known national brands. I used them for approximately 30 days and could not get used to wearing these aids. I returned them and decided to just live with my hearing loss. Recently I saw a newspaper advertisement for AccuQuest that appealed to me enough to try hearing aids again. I contacted the AccuQuest Center in Gainesville, GA. The hearing evaluation was quick, thorough and easy. The prescribed hearing devices have greatly improved my hearing, are easily maintained and comfortable to wear. I am so glad I tried again. Hearing better has improved my life. The practitioner and staff at the AccuQuest Center in Gainesville, GA has been excellent, before, during and after the sale.

We recently visited our local AccuQuest Hearing Center. I have worn hearing aids in the past with no success. I was a little apprehensive to this visit. But my wife was very persistent for me to keep the appointment. After little time with the Audiologist, I became confident that I was in excellent hands concerning my hearing. The Dr. was very professional and patient. She explained the Starkey hearing aids in detail. The next day I picked up the hearing aids and for the first time, I could actually understand my little grandchildren and hear outdoor sounds that I have never heard before. Words cannot express my appreciation to my Audiologist and AccuQuest. My wife and I thank you AccuQuest for a life changing experience.