Just want to say how happy I am with my hearing aids and the after sale maintenance, including after sale hearing tests. Also, how respectful to the patient the office is.

Floyd A.

Lakeside, CA

My first impression of AccuQuest Hearing Centers was the warm and welcoming environment. I was expecting a sales pitch and instead I received great professional care and lots of information about my hearing loss so I was able to make an informed decision when purchasing my hearing device. Professional, caring, and supportive best describes the treatment I received from your office.

Sherrie J

AccuQuest was very helpful and caring for me as an individual person. When I first entered their office, they treated me in a way like I'm important to them. Also, it's a comfortable atmosphere. Every concern of mine regarding a new life with hearings aids was dealt with, and not like they were after money. I have never had such fantastic customer service like them before, especially dealing with matters beyond my comprehension, as well as the concern they had for me. Even now when I go in there, they treat me like an old friend, not a customer.

Cindy F

We are so grateful for AccuQuest. We have tried 2 other hearing aids from major box stores and neither one worked well. There would be echo sounds and they would fall out. The hearing aids from AccuQuest all fantastic. No echo sound and the fit is perfect. We even bought a second pair for hunting which are fantastic, as well. We would recommend AccuQuest to everyone. Not only has it changed my life. It has changed my wife's, too. We both thank you!

Gary B

This gentleman was very thorough with my hearing deficiency. The computer program was very interesting and accurate. I am enjoying my hearing aid and wearing it daily, all day. A very good impression.

Jean K

You saved my marriage! My wife has been speaking loudly to me now for 6 or 7 years. Since I've been fitted with a hearing device, I keep asking for her to lower her voice and turn down the TV!

Gil Z

Don't put off hearing problems! AccuQuest has the high tech answer to hearing better. Embarrassing reasons disappear when they show you the array of products available and you shouldn't miss another minute of "missing" communication with loved ones or business partners. I wish I had done this years ago!

Dianne P

I have been wearing hearing aids for 23 years now and have had several different brands and a different specialist with each brand. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that a new hearing center was opening up in Rancho Bernardo and that my new aids would be serviced there. I was further elated to find that the specialist was by far the most knowledgeable I have ever had. She was personable, dedicated to her patients, and in general did the best job of taking care of the hearing needs of those of us who required help. AccuQuest can be very proud of their staff.

Stoddard R

When the company that I bought my hearing aids from when broke, AccuQuest saved the day for me! Not only did they pick up my contract, they extended my warranty. I have found AccuQuest to be very efficient and accommodating to meet my needs. I have had hearing aids for 26 years and I have found the ones that I have now to be very comfortable to wear and they meet my hearing needs.

Ernest L

In March 2010, I had the BEST two visits ever to a hearing center in my life! They listened to what my needs were and customized my digital hearing aids to be the best I've ever had. I will recommend AccuQuest to all my family and friends who need hearing help.

Lee H

I received excellent service and detailed instructions on the use and care of my hearing aids. Their followup after purchase was far superior to my former hearing aid provider. They do a superb job.

Malcolm K

The team at AccuQuest Hearing Centers went above and beyond our expectations in properly assessing and accurately diagnosing my hearing impairment. We were thrilled to discover through comprehensive diagnostic assessment that I was indeed a candidate for hearing aids and could benefit greatly by wearing them. In short, this was a complete game changer. Equipped with my new hearing devices, I can now hear sounds and frequencies that had been lost for years. A truly exciting development. I can't thank Rueben and his team of professionals for opening up a new door and a new life for both me and my family. I would highly recommend AccuQuest for all of your hearing needs.

Michael O

I'm most pleased to provide this recommendation of AccuQuest-Santa Monica. Everything has been handled very professionally, and my visits to the office for updates is always a pleasure. I especially compliment Ms. Julie Nielsen and the Office Manager in the complete and total management of my treatment.

Raymond H

I'm happy with the care and service I received from Julie Nielsen and will continue to frequent this office in Santa Monica.

Lee C

I was well served by the Arcadia AccuQuest office. I was tested and the hearing aids received suited my hearing needs as well. The care and treatment of my hearing aids were carefully explained. When I had a minor problem with wax on the hearing aid, it was explained how to solve the problem.

Jack S

I am very happy with my new AccuQuest hearing aids--all credit to Ryan Margetts. His knowledge, kindness, and concerns of my hearing problem was way above the norm. All of my questions and concerns were addressed to the fullest of my expectations. It's wonderful to hear again and enjoy life. Thank you for having Ryan Margetts on your staff.

Carmen D

I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I don't get a constant screech as I did with my others and am able to hear on my speakerphone easily now. They are very comfortable.

Betty L

Ryan gave me a splendid hearing test and examination. He was so patient and professional. He was thorough. He is a credit to his profession. Baraih, his office coordinator, was very considerate and handled my office visit in a very nice way.

Anne S

I put off investing in my hearing for years. I thought there were better things I could do with that money. Now that I finally decided to correct my hearing, I realize I was wrong and I wonder why I took so long. It is a decision I will never regret. I do, however, regret that I took so long to make that decision. I can't believe how great I can hear. I can't believe how much I was missing. I can't wait to put in my hearing aids every morning!

Jack S

Today, I visited the AccuQuest office in Santa Monica, California. Ryan Margetts was my Hearing Instrument Specialist. He was most helpful and informative! His patience, understanding, generosity, and knowledge was much appreciated. I was deeply impressed with his concern for my hearing difficulty. He was warm and empathetic and conveyed a thorough sense of professionalism.

David G

On the first day of wearing the hearing device, I noticed an instant diminishing of the tinnitus. To have relief from that constant sound is indeed an unexpected but welcome outcome. The hearing is, of course, my first concern but now I believe the added benefit of subduing the sounds connected with tinnitus is just as important for my overall comfort.

Yvonne F

Steve Kolodin has made my hearing much better than it has been. It helped me a great deal better for hearing television programs. I thank him for all that he has done.

Ronald V

I just wanted all of you to know how pleased I am with my hearing aids. From the first time I stepped into the AccuQuest office three years ago, my life has only gotten better. Sometimes I forget I am even wearing hearing aids. They are comfortable and I can hear so much better. I really appreciate all of the follow-up visits on how I am doing and how the hearing aids are working for me and if any adjustments are needed. I am most thankful for all of your kindness, caring, and helpfulness. I am one satisfied customer! Thanks for everything!

Joan S

Great service from Ryan. AccuQuest has great policies that allow professional treatment of my hearing problem. Your financing plan is superior. Ryan's follow up and phone calls have helped improve my hearing capability. Thank you.

James M

I have had the pleasure of being a patient in the Torrance, CA office. I found the practitioner very knowledgeable, personable, and efficient. An excellent reflection of your company.

Ronald S

Baraih Nureddin is an outstanding receptionist. She's very warm and inviting. She is helpful and listens when I have issues with my hearing aid. She meets all of my needs when it comes to showing someone she cares. I could go on and on but I just wanted to share a few special words about her.

Norman R

After almost a lifetime of tinnitus, my hearing is much improved, particularly in higher frequencies.

Peter K

Several years ago I came to the alarming conclusion that I was losing my hearing and very often unable to understand simple conversations with my family. They urged me to look into the possibility of getting hearing aids to help my situation as it was becoming embarrassing. After searching the internet and also talking with several doctor friends, I came across the name "AccuQuest" as a possible resource. Coincidentally I had taken care of a young woman during the time that I practiced at Rapid Care in Cameron Park who worked at AccuQuest in Placerville near the Golden Center complex. I decided to give her a call and so a preliminary appointment was made with her for a hearing test. Not surprisingly we discovered that I had a considerable hearing loss. After measuring and testing both ears, we decided to order hearing aids that would improve my hearing. Since the arrival of the hearing aids I have had remarkable hearing improvement in both my ears. Sandra Danz is the ultimate hearing professional. She has several degrees from the University of California system and knows the myriad varieties of hearing loss from A to Z. Not only is she knowledgeable but also pleasant, efficient and kind. She makes a point of caring for each patient with compassion and skill. I would recommend her highly to all my medical associates and their patients. Her offices are conveniently located in both Placerville and Folsom and they are very nicely appointed. I'm sure you will not be disappointed in her professional abilities as well as her charming personality.

Robert T

If you are seeking solutions for yourself, family member, or friend regarding hearing impairment I invite you to seek evaluation and care from Ms Sandra E Danz at Accuquest Hearing Center in either Folsom or Placerville, CA. As a professional myself, I always seek the most professional people for my health and medical care and Sandra Danz is the person whom I would recommend without hesitation. For the past several years, my wife, family, and friends started to recognize that I had developed hearing loss and had been urging me to seek care, BUT I kept delaying with whatever excuses – Manly Stuff! Oh, Yeah! Finally, I contacted AccuQuest Hearing Centers and spoke with Becky their receptionist and was greeted by one of the most professional, friendly, and people oriented people whom I have ever met. Then, I contacted AccuQuest and Sandra Danz guided me through the process of having my hearing evaluated and recommending hearing aids. When I saw that my hearing was in the upper sound ranges – ie: Your Wife’s Voice, etc – I realized that I had been missing something for too long and opted to accept Ms Danz’s recommendations. Now for the wives out there! It is Not That We Are Ignoring You; We Just Cannot Hear You! After wearing my hearing aids for a very short time, I found that there was part of the natural background sounds that I had been missing as well as being able to understand a conversation without the constant “What?” or “Huh?” The first night that I wore my new hearing devices at home, I sat and wondered how my former patients had felt the first time that they had worn their new dentures, crown, bridges, braces, etc, since I was experiencing a whole new life of sound. To say that I have found Sandra Danz and her staff at AccuQuest Hearing Center to be very professional and knowledgeable would be an understatement, since I have referred numerous friends, veterans, church members, and just plain strangers to her. You know the folks – the people that you meet when you are out and about who say “What” or “Huh” when you strike up a conversation with them. Then the people usually tell me that they are Very Hard of Hearing, so I always ask, “Do You Like Being That Way???” Then they look at me and say “NO!” so I ask if they are looking for help and refer then to Sandra. My mother will be receiving her New Hearing Devices next week and my wife will be visiting her soon. Trust Me!

Dennis R

For more than 15 years, what I thought was a propensity toward introversion and unsociable behavior on my husband’s part, I came to realize, was hearing loss. He could not follow conversations because he could not hear enough of what was being said. So, he would wander off rather than disrupt the flow of conversations by constantly asking that people speak louder. When I first convinced him to try hearing aids, he wore them for a week or two; after which, the hearing aids stayed in the bedside drawer for the next 4 years. They just didn’t work for him. Then one day, we received a mailer from Tim Strazzo at AccuQuest, announcing these great new hearing aids. Naturally, when I suggested that we try one more time, he was hesitant. Ten minutes into our first meeting with Tim, I knew this was going to be a very different experience for Don. I understood why the first attempt failed. The fact that these aids were adjustable in various ways was remarkable and has been of extreme value to Don. But the newer and better technology was not the true explanation of why the first experience was such an abject failure and this experience a wonderful success. Don is a college math and physics professor. He needed to understand how the interplay between technology and human hearing worked; so that he understood the changes in the quality of sound of the hearing aids, and that it was a normal part of the adjustment period. I am convinced that the knowledge, care and attention that Tim has shown, was first and foremost the reason that Don persevered in wearing the hearing aids and enduring the adjustment period. Clearly, Tim and AccuQuest were committed to Don’s success and satisfaction long after the initial transaction. The quality of service and product that we have received far exceeds any reasonable expectations. Don wears his hearing aids everyday. He participates in family conversation rather than wandering off. He doesn’t lean toward his students in order to hear their questions, which could be disconcerting for some students. He is more engaged with people. For my part, I only came to realize how much Don was missing in life due to hearing loss. While we were on a walk in the woods, one day, every third or fourth step he would stop to turn around as though he were looking to see if anyone was following us. He had forgotten the sound of birds in the bushes. Another day, when we stepped out of the house, he asked what that noise was. I said, “It’s the wind in the trees.” Thank you, TimStrazzo and AccuQuest

Geri P

I am very happy with the service at AccuQuest Hearing Center. Ms. Irving Silva has been very friendly, professional and helpful. My hearing aid is working very well. I love the way the hearing aids look and feel and I am very pleased with the office.

Shi Jin L

Irving and Ashley have been so nice to work with. This was my best office and medical experience I've had in the last 30 years! They were prompt, quick, to the point, helpful and professional all the way. I will recommend AccuQuest to at least 3 people that I know right away.

Susan K

For about 7 years I had worn a variety of hearing aids. The styles from the "glob of plastic" to the behind the ear transmitters. My last try failed and I was ready to stop watching TV, movies or hearing group/socializing conversations. It was too difficult to continually ask a friend "what was that?." A letter from AccuQuest brought me Rusty - the one who brought clarity, real, normal hearing back to my hearing life. I could really hear - no tinny echoes or feedback. Clear wonderful words. It has changed my life to have ears that do all that I have not had. How fabulous to not rely on anyone by my new ears. Thank you Rusty and AccuQuest!

Peggy S

After several attempts at finding the right hearing aids, AccuQuest finally helped me get the right pair. Rusty was professional, attentive and extremely knowledgeable. Most of all he treated me as a person and not a number. He took time to understand my needs and expectation and at no time did I feel rushed. Overall it was a great experience.

John F

This aid is by far the best I have ever owned. It is much superior to the Beltone unit I was using for 12 years previous, there is no comparison to the AccuQuest unit as to Beltone.

Phillip H

I am a 74 year old male with severe hearing loss from previous jobs, etc. Sandra Danz has been my hearing aid specialist for the past 8 years and her knowledge and expertise is beyond reproach. There is no one better when it comes to customer service and she has the most up to date state of the art equipment. So if anybody needs a hearing aid specialist Sandra Danz is the person to see.

Lou D

Hearing aids? I put that off for several years, as I equated that with old age. I’m 76. Then one day I received in the mail a promotional brochure. That same day I made an appointment to have my hearing tested. I knew my hearing was bad, but after receiving a thorough hearing exam, I realized it was worse than I thought. Sandra Danz, the Hearing Aid Specialist, explained in a friendly and professional manner, how hearing aids would benefit me. I purchased the hearing aids and I was encouraged to continue having my hearing monitored. The best part there was no additional cost. My only regret – I waited so long to buy them.

Bertram D

Hearing loss has been a part of my life for 15 years or more. Mrs. Danz at AccuQuest Hearing Center gave me a very thorough audiometric test. It was determined that I suffer from high frequency hearing loss. Mrs. Danz fit me with hearing aids that effectively compensate for what loss I have. I now hear my love ones when they are talking to me. Birds and crickets sound so much alive. It feels so good to be able to hear what I have missed for so many years. Mrs. Danz is a true professional in her field. She strives to please and takes a very positive interest and approach in each of her customers.

Lyle B

I am very happy with the service and the hearing aids. The service was great and the hearing aids work great.

Harry W

My hearing aids have been a blessing. I now hear my students in the classroom and hear my professors when I am a student. My daughters are so excited that I can hear and participate in full conversations. I'm not missing out anymore.

Margaret M

Irving was the perfect person to help a first time hearing aid wearer. She was very patient and answered all of my questions fully. I'm glad to know that she will answer any questions I have in the future. Dorthia C.

Dorthia C.

My husband and I have had such a positive experience with not only Rob and our new hearing aids but also his office manager, Alissa. Rob has done an incredible job on "fine tuning" our hearing aids and also explaining the hearing aid program. We have experienced such an improvement in our hearing ability not only at home but in groups and crowds. Thank you!

Sharon B. Belvedere

"Rusty's professional and courteous manner was overshadowed only by his focused and unwavering goal of my being 100% satisfied. He would not allow me to accept less!"

Elaine C.