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Completely New AccuQuest AQ PC 9 Hearing Aid

AccuQuest Hearing Centers has exciting news for all our patients. The completely new AccuQuest AQ PC 9 hearing aid was recently released to address some of the most difficult complaints of hearing aid wearers: feedback and understanding in noisy environments. This is the most advanced hearing system in the entire AccuQuest line-up. This incredible new hearing system AccuQuest is carrying is equipped with the following state-of-the-art features:

  • HD Speech Focus Processing: creates clear and natural sound; analyzing the full sound spectrum 20,000 times per second, and focusing on the sounds that help you understand speech.
  • Proactive Feedback Canceller Plus: proactively identifies feedback and eliminates it before it even becomes audible. That means no whistling or buzzing.
  • Speech Focused Directionality: focuses on speech to make it the priority, enhancing natural hearing experiences!
  • Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus: faster algorithm means fewer breaks in conversation to preserve critical speech information without compromising your listening comfort!
  • Full Wireless Connectivity: sync your hearing aid with up to 8 BluetoothTM devices, including your TV & cell phone!

Schedule an appointment at one of AccuQuests many offices to see if the AQ PC 9 hearing system is right for you by Clicking Here As always, the following services will be offered FREE OF CHARGE during your appointment:

  • Video otoscopy inspection of your ear canal. You’ll find out if you have excessive ear wax build up;
  • A complete state-of-the-art hearing screening to determine whether this technology is right for you;
  • We will clean and fine-tune your current hearing aids (if you decide to keep them);
  • You will receive a 30 day trial* of any newly purchased hearing instruments. (*45 days in Minnesota)

If you want to take advantage of this new technology but keep your current hearing aids as backups, we have other financial incentives to make that affordable.

At AccuQuest Hearing Centers, we want our patients to experience the best hearing possible and although your hearing aids may have been the best units available when you purchased them, technology has definitely improved! We encourage you to come in and hear for yourself!

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